Planning a trip? What to check...

Going on a road trip?

We've put together a list of what we think you should be checking before you hit the road:

Tyre Pressure
Tyre pressures are a common problem for uneven tyre wear and unsafe for long distance driving. To check tyre pressure call The Glynde Garage or your nearest tyre store or mechanical garage to advise you. Otherwise you can generally find your recommended tyre pressure on your tyre placard (usually in the driver's door jam or in the owners manual). Be sure to check your spare tyre is inflated and you have all tools to change a tyre. If unsure how to change a tyre, come and see us to show you how. You wouldn't want to get stuck on the side of the road without the tools or the knowledge on how to change your tyre. 

Oil Levels
Check Oil levels using the dipstick of your engine and also the dipstick for gearbox or transmission. Not all vehicles have dipsticks for the transmission or gearbox, some vehicles require the car to be lifted to check the oil from underneath or a scan tool to check oil quantity or quality. Be sure to use the right oil in your engine and always ensure vehicle is up to date with service. Ensure you also check your power steering fluid and window washer bottle fluid.

Lights & Washers
Be sure to check that all lights, windscreen wipers and washer jets are in good working order.

Car Recovery Kit (keep these in the boot for long journeys...just in case)
5 litres of clean demineralised water, tow rope, spare headlight globes and break globes and a fully charged power pack for your phone.